Petition for RIDE TV Distribution

As an equestrian, you are being deprived of television content you are passionate about. RIDE TV is spending millions of dollars to produce the content you want, but some cable and satellite providers think you don’t care.  RIDE TV is the only television network that exists that is solely dedicated to serving the 30 million equestrians in the United States and even more internationally. Horse associations and horse people can directly benefit from RIDE TV’s distribution as we televise your events and promote the horse lifestyle through new and original TV shows.

RIDE TV’s activities will attract new sponsors for your events, help grow your membership, and nurture the next generation of equestrians.  But equine associations and the equestrian community will not see those benefits without an increase in distribution for RIDE TV.  RIDE TV and other independent cable channels will not be added to your cable or satellite system without your help, but you must take action. If you want RIDE TV in your home, and homes everywhere, fill out this petition and prove your passion for the equine community to your cable or satellite operator.

A message to your cable or satellite operator:

Please fill out this very short petition and we will deliver it to your cable or satellite operator.

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